Terms & Conditions of Sponsoring/Exhibiting


The following terms and conditions apply to your application to sponsor and/or exhibit.
• You as the sponsoring/exhibiting organisation accept these terms and conditions when completing the online Sponsorship and Exhibition Booking Form.
• USANZ or the Meeting Managers do not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes.
• Details may change without notice. Please refer to the Event website for the latest information.

• Phone or unpaid bookings will not be accepted.
• The Meeting Managers will issue a tax invoice which is payable within 14 days of the invoice date. If you miss the payment date, any time dependent discounts will be forfeited i.e. you will be billed at the next highest level (Early rate to Standard, etc).
• You will not receive any sponsorship or exhibition entitlements, including allocation of booth location (allocated to sponsors first and then to exhibitors), until all monies have been paid.
• All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST.
• If you pay by electronic funds transfer or an international cheque you agree to pay any bank charges and must include these in the amount you transfer.
• If you pay via credit card, a merchant fee may be charged. Debits to your credit card, except for accommodation, will appear as Ozaccom Pty Ltd on your statement.

• You must notify the Meeting Managers in writing if you need to cancel.
• Cancellations made before the Early Bird cut-off date will be refunded less 50% of the total purchase price.
• Cancellations made after this date will not be refunded.
• Your non-payment does not cancel your contractual obligations to us. Non-payment of cancellation charges may result in inability to exhibit at future events.

The extent of refunds will be a matter for the host organisation (the underwriter) to decide.

The sponsoring/exhibiting organisation indemnifies the Organisers and its employees, directors, officers, agents and affiliates against any claim, liability, damages, losses, judgement and expense (including reasonable legal fees and court costs) arising out of or resulting from any negligence by the sponsoring/ exhibiting organisation and its employees, officers, directors, agents or affiliates.

• Your application to sponsor or exhibit does not constitute an attendee registration.
• All exhibition staff must be registered either as a complimentary exhibitor registration, or by purchasing additional exhibitor staff or non-member delegate registrations.

• Logos and/or company names will be reproduced in the event colour/s, full colour, or mono, at our discretion. All logos must be at least 300 DPI at 100% in EPS (preferred for print) and JPEG (preferred for website) format.
• No print or web recognition will be given unless payment terms have been met.

• The Organisers permit sponsors to host events during the ASM; however, no events are to be hosted on the same night as the Gala Dinner (Monday 15 April), nor before 1945 hours on the night of the Welcome Reception (Saturday 13 April).
• Sponsors who are entitled to host an endorsed private function, do so at their own expense and at a time/date approved by the Organising Committee.
• No sponsor should arrange an event which includes a member of the international faculty, without prior consent of the Organising Committee.
• Sponsors should note that international faculty members are not available to attend evening functions on Sunday 14 April as they are committed to the Convenor’s Dinner that evening.
• Sponsorship of speakers and sessions are subject to separate terms and conditions.

• You may not assign, share, sub-let, or grant licences for the whole or part of the booth without our prior approval.
• Eligibility to exhibit is at the discretion of the Organisers and is generally restricted to companies directly related to the urological/ medical field. USANZ reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company that submits an online Sponsorship and Exhibition Booking Form.
• We reserve the right to direct you to remove any display items we deem as unacceptable.
• You must conduct business only from within the confines of your booth. You may not tout, or place any material, outside your booth/space causing obstruction of the aisles.
• You will be responsible for any reasonable costs of repairing the booth or premises should you paint, mark or damage any fixtures or fabric.
• Food, beverage or prohibited items are not permitted at the event unless prior arrangements are made with us.
• Any supplier you use on site must conform to the venue’s OH&S, insurance and other regulations.
• You are solely responsible for any physical loss or damage to your own property.
• You must hold a current broadform liability insurance policy for a minimum of $10,000,000. Please forward the name of your insurer, your policy number and its renewal date to us at least four weeks prior. Entry to the venue will be denied if you have not provided this information. If you are unable to organise insurance cover as required, please contact the organisers to discuss options.

Subject to IMPLIED WARRANTIES clause, you and your servant’s agents and contractors occupy and use the Event space/booth allotted under this Agreement and enter the Venue and act under or pursuant to this Agreement at your own risk. You hereby indemnify and release the Organisers against all actions, suits, costs, claims and demands brought against the Organisers by any person, firm or corporation for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly to or suffered by any person, firm or corporation as a result of your act or default or resulting directly or indirectly from your attendance at the Venue including travel to and from such venues. Without limiting the foregoing, the Organisers shall not in any circumstances be liable for any loss damage or injury which may occur to you or a third party, or for any damage to your property including damage to exhibits, plant, equipment, fixtures, fittings or other property whatsoever or for any loss of profits which they may suffer howsoever caused. You must maintain adequate insurance to cover the cost of any loss you suffer in relation to your equipment, exhibits or display material or other property used in connection with your attendance at the Event.

In the event any statute implies any term condition or warranty into this Agreement which cannot be lawfully excluded, such terms will apply to this Agreement, save that the liability of the Organiser for breach of any such implied term will be limited, at the option of the Organiser, to any one or more of the following:
• the replacement of goods or re-supply of services to which the breach relates or the supply of equivalent goods or services;
• the repair of such goods;
• the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods or equivalent services; or
• the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.

The Organisers will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss suffered in connection with this Agreement.

You must comply with all instructions relating to the security of the Venue issued by the Venue Managers.
The Organisers take no responsibility for any damage to or for the loss or destruction of an exhibit from fire or theft or accidents or injury resulting from such causes. If the Organiser and Venue Manager provide you with written approval, you may engage your own security staff at your own cost.

You must observe the conditions, rules, regulations and procedures of the Organisers in relation to the Event and the Venue, which are available for inspection on request.

The Organiser, in its complete discretion, may vary the booth/floor plan or stand space allocation and you must accept such re-allocation without any claim for a reduction in charges or otherwise.

The Organiser shall determine the hours during which the Event shall be conducted and the times you will be able to access the Venue.

• Your name and contact information, including electronic address, may be used by parties directly related to the event such as the organisers and approved stakeholders, for relevant purposes such as promotion, networking, and administration of this, and future events of this type. If you do not consent, please advise the Meeting Managers.
• In addition, your name, organisation and country/ state of origin may be published on the delegate list which is provided to delegates, exhibitors and Sponsors electronically. If you do not wish your details to be included in this list, please contact us.

Agreement means these terms and conditions together with the Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus and any Sponsorship and Exhibition Booking Form.
Event means 72nd Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand ASM 2019 (USANZ 2019 ASM).
Fees means the fee payable by you to the Organiser as set out in the published prospectus or in subsequent correspondence.
Meeting Managers means Gay Properties Pty Ltd trading as Ozaccom+ Conference Services (ABN 46 082 600 020) of 15 Wren Street, Bowen Hills, Queensland 4006.
Organising Committee means the USANZ 2019 ASM Organising Committee.
You includes your agents, and contractors.
Venue means the premises of the Venue Owner at which the Event is being held.
Organisers means USANZ and the Meeting Managers.
Venue Owner means South Bank Corporation